Gabriel Laracuente is a pioneer in the fields of quantum energy application, and the creator of the Wave Embedding Motion system.


Born an energy sensitive Intuitive, Gabriel was aware of aspects of reality considered supernatural. Through a desire to understand what truly fueled the passion to excel in life, he pursued a life devoted to mastery of the self. 

Through years of practicing martial arts, he learned the importance of committing to self-discipline. With nutrition, he obtained a brand new perspective both on health and balance within our bodies. And through both spiritual and personal development, he learned not only the importance of constant growth, but that limits were self created walls built within ourselves. This, along with the use of quantum-based technologies, opened up a new world to what defines Health and Wellness, and with this understanding, he now seeks to empower people physically and financially, and as a result, create a future where people live in their full potential.