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What Are Standing Fields?

What are Standing Fields, and why is it important for us to understand how they work?

For some, exploring topics such as this one in the vast world of quantum mechanics can be a very exciting experience. For others however, the multitude of topics such as entanglement, string field theory, and zero-point energy can become an overwhelming endeavor. Thankfully, months upon months of study isn't required to gain an in-depth understanding of how this science works. In fact, one of the simplest experiences we can have within this field of study is simply by immersing ourselves in the natural environment.

When walking through a beautiful forest, most people will describe a relaxation that they can’t find anywhere else. Some call it a reset, while others believe it's a type of communion with what’s been alive on our planet since the dawn of mankind. It makes us feel balanced, clear, relaxed, and even happy. Similar descriptions can be found when studying the connection ancient cultures established through their union with mother nature.

What’s being experienced here can be broken down into a type of electrical function of life. Within the forest resides the many sounds of birds chirping, water running, wind blowing, pollen being carried through the wind, and much more that escapes the naked eye. Although these many events seem separate, a great number of waveforms (or sounds/electrical currents) are being produced as a result of the self-organizing nature of these actions.

These experiences of balance, peace and bliss in nature, are in fact the shareable, life-sustaining waveforms being produced by the many layers of our natural environment. The structure, or "programming" within these waveforms, encourage all those who share in it the ability to achieve balance and restore natural order.

In other words, the accumulation of these wave forms (Standing Field) within nature encourage the cells within our own bodies to re-experience the natural balance of life.

Standing Fields are bodies of energy produced as a result of a number of waveforms (or electric currents) that overlap one another. The structure within such fields can maintain types of information for a multitude of purposes. When produced from a natural environment, the fields may promote life to self-organize, and thus create the proper space to produce solutions towards health (such as the nutrients within fruits, vegetables and spring water). On the other hand, electrical fields produced from cell phones, radio towers, and WiFi routers (such as EMF radiation) may produce the opposite effect.

In fact, health concerns such as increased oxidative stress, damage to DNA, and disruption of cellular metabolism, are among many to show up as a result of long-term exposure to these types of disruptive fields.

( Note: There are a number of reports on the dangers of technologies such as 5G, which can be found here.)

With the technological advancements we're continuing to accomplish, are we unknowingly setting up environments that run opposite of what nature intended? Will the digital evolution of humankind bring about a mass imbalance in the world we live in?

Perhaps by observing technology in a manner similar to how we would with nature, along with applying critical thinking, will the answer become more clear to us.

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