Unified Action Martial Arts

A Bit of History


Serving as the major foundation for his adulthood experience, Gabriel’s initiation into the world of martial arts began at a young age. Through the tutelage of the late Kyoshi Jorge Figueroa, the start of Gabriel’s training began within the Kuroshi-Do system (meaning The Way of the Black Warrior).

Just as Mixed Martial Arts has been widely recognized as an accumulation of various martial arts styles, the same applies for hybrid schools such as Kuroshi-Do. With a foundation based in Aiki-Jujutsu (one of the ancient schools of Japanese Jujutsu well known for its emphasis on both armed and unarmed self-defense), Kuroshi-Do combines striking techniques from Kyokushin & Shotokan Karate, Moo Duo Kwan, and Tang Soo Do, while incorporating the grappling techniques of Judo and the weapons training of Kobudo. Along with these styles, Gabriel also learned techniques taught in Western Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Several years later, he would come to learn Yang Form Tai Chi Quan under Sifu Bryon Abrams.


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What is Unified Action?


Through his experiences, Gabriel became aware of an important factor that would later be acknowledged through his practice with Tai Chi Quan, and from his years of exploring spiritually-driven disciplines: the significance of mental health.


All around us, we are bombarded with various forms of stimulation, which leads us to outcomes that keep us out of our body and in a state of sensory overwhelm. After having realized the significance this modern-day experience has on the mind, along with the body, Gabriel chose to combine the most practical forms of self-defense with techniques to still the mind in unison with the five senses of the human body.

The result gave birth to the system of Unified Action.


The goal behind the Unified Action Martial Arts seeks to quiet the mind through methods of relaxing the nervous system, all the while providing the practitioner with a set of simple, but effective methods of practical martial arts. The result of this system not only instills a sense of peace within the practitioner, but helps further maintain a state of mental clarity during and after each practice.

What Can I Expect?


Gabriel is currently offering 1:1 private sessions that run for 60-minutes. The types of sessions Gabriel offers are broken down into two categories:


Foundations of Striking

A unique blend of the striking techniques taught within the Kuroshi-Do system, Boxing, and Muay Thai, the Foundations of Striking will provide newcomers with a wide range of combat-based techniques, and further refine any established foundation for experienced martial artists.

Foundations of Self-Defense

Covering a wide range of self-defense techniques, Foundations of Self-Defense combine Aiki-Jujutsu and Judo to provide you with the very tools needed to defend yourself in a variety of real-life situations.


Classes are offered as Single Sessions, Weekly Sessions, and Monthly Sessions. The types of sessions offered are custom tailored towards the student’s specific goals.

Typically, Single Class are available for Foundations of Striking only, as Foundations of Grappling require several sessions for an in-depth understanding of how to effectively apply self-defense based techniques.

Regardless of which of the two categories is selected, the mind-stilling techniques of Unified Action are included within both categories.

How Do I Get Started?


The location for 1:1 sessions are personalized, and can be conducted within the practitioner's household, in a local park, etc. Although these services are ideally provided within the Hudson Valley NY, Gabriel is currently providing the option of traveling throughout the Tri-State area (that is, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) directly to the practitioner. All training equipment will be provided by Gabriel, however practitioners are free to bring additional equipment if desired.


To inquire more information, please contact Gabriel through email here.