The Dawn of Fractal Physics in Motion

What is Wave EM (WEM)?

Wave EM, or Wave Embedding Motion, is an ancient, comprehensive system of optimizing one’s overall health.

Through the combination of various methods, which include specific physical movements and altered brainwave frequencies, the practitioner collapses wave forms non-destructively into standing fields of energy. The result of creating such fields enables restored communication between cells within the practitioner's body, resulting in optimized overall health.

The origins of this practice stems from a time period long forgotten from written history. This era is what people today know of as ancient Atlantis and Lemuria. Memories of the practice began to resurface during Gabriel's journey of re-balancing his health through quantum application, and became fully manifest through his experience with the Holy Spirit. In these memories, Gabriel witnessed practitioners wandering off from crowded cities into natural environments at night, where they linked their consciousness with their surroundings, and moved energy in ways seen in science fiction today. This practice enabled the users to communicate through vast distances, re-balance the health of their bodies, augment their bodies to perform superhuman feats, greatly enhance martial arts prowess, and beyond.



Is Wave EM a type of Qigong form?

The short answer is no. However, the best way to understand the differences comes with seeing how each of these systems function.

The ancient Taoists of China who practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) used a system based on what is known as Chi, Qi or Life Force. Instead of Chi however, WEM has at it's core the application of Charge, Longitudinal (Long) Waves, cold plasma generation, and fractality.

While the movements within Qigong imitates the movement of animals and nature, the movements within the WEM system imitate the movements of sacred geometrics, compression waves, Golden Ratio, and much more.

Overall, the two practices share a similar goal of facilitating balance towards one's overall health, yet function very different and produce different results.


Why Should I Practice Wave EM?

As an method developed and utilized in the forgotten past, WEM was practiced in an environment unlike the one we live in today.

We live in a toxic environment. The top soil we harvest our food has been ravaged due to numerous chemicals designed to repel and/or kill pests. Our water supply has not only been mixed with many chemicals for the sake of consuming clean water, but no longer holds its original structure due to becoming “dead water” as a result of constant recycling. Radio waves, electromagnetic smog, and various wireless technologies have introduced harmful effects to the cells of living beings.

WEM mitigates and with time, can reverse the damage from these things. Where they de-structure a healthy state, this practice re-structures it. What has been corrupted then has the ability to become structured in a healthy manner.

In other words, the methods within the WEM system re-create an energetically robust environment akin to one from the ancient past. The healthier the practitioner becomes, the more powerful the practice!

Wave Embedding is a powerful method for obtaining and optimizing a constant, overall state of health.


What Can I Expect From Practicing Wave EM?

Most of the world is unaware of what subtle energies feel like. However, because the foundation of this practice is based on the movement and creation of standing fields, people who practice WEM often experience it's effects almost immediately. And because this system is designed to include groups of people per classes, the compounded effect is a result that can be felt even through vast distances.

There are three branches that make up the Wave Embedding Motion system. Because of the varying goals within each branch, students can expect a wide range of different results.

However, through embodying this system into one's lifestyle, most practitioners experience:

  • improved emotional intelligence.

  • enhanced emotional generation (also known as getting into State).

  • increased lower body endurance and balance.

  • greater ease with mental visualization.

  • strengthening of the immune system.

  • additional support to the body’s natural, regenerative processes.

  • restored and/or strengthened  senses used to feel subtle energy.

  • enhanced physical and mental performance.

  • and much more!


See What Students Are Saying

“My experience in the beginner course of WEM was as powerful as it was insightful. During my 6-week introductory course, Gabriel guided our group through a transformative curriculum in holistic science and energy. The course itself was very different from previous endeavors that I prescribed to (yoga, meditation, stillness). The flow of the classes felt like a constant progression in breath work, formulated movement, creative visualization and feeling energized. Post beginner course, I have incorporated WEM as a part of my morning ritual and I haven't stopped since. For those who are curious WEM's beginner course, I would highly recommend booking a consultation with Gabriel.”

- J. Martin, Florida U.S.A


How Do I Get Started?

All students begin with the Groundwork (Roots) series, which is a 6-weeks long program consisting of weekly 1-hour group practices. Because of the electrical nature of standing fields, and the varying sensitivity of each practitioner's body, this program is limited to 6 people per group. One-on-one training is also available upon request to students seeking private training. Along with the benefits listed above, those who partake in these programs will have:

  • Full access to videos with a breakdown of the current series being taught within the Wave EM system.

  • Access to the private Wave EM Facebook group with updates, a growing community of like-minded believers, and accountability towards your goals.

  • Education on the science of Fractal Physics, including the application of sacred geometry, scalar field generation, and the production of Standing Fields.

  • Introduction to solid-state quantum energy devices such as the FoxPHIre Plasma Generator (visit Tobias Beharrell Body and Mind Technologies for more information).

  • And so much more!

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Are you ready to take your health to heights like never before?